“Lived Up to Their Reputation”

Bryce Biedermann & Naomi Bothe Testimonial
Bryce Biedermann & Naomi Bothe

When Naomi asked me to marry her on leap year, there was no doubt in my mind that she was the one for me and that we would always be together. Soon after our engagement, we started looking for an engagement ring and wedding bands. We both knew Elliott’s was the place to go because of their reputation for quality, price, in-store repair and upkeep of the jewelry they sell. My parents also got their wedding rings from Elliott’s 24 years ago and are very pleased with them.

But despite knowing this, we did shop around. We looked through mall stores and local jewelers and found the same problems. The quality was usually poor, the warranties were hard to understand and when the time came for cleaning and minor repair, the jewelry had to be brought in and often sent away to who knows where to be fixed or altered. So we finally made it to Elliott’s and agreed that they were our jeweler. They lived up to their reputation of great service, price and selection. Having done our research and shopped around, we know they are the best. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Portrait by Photographic Arts, Waukon, IA

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